Oral (Homeopathic) Drops vs. Injectable HCG


One question many people ask is, "Can't I just take the oral (homeopathic) HCG drops for the HCG (Dr. Simeons's or Kevin Trudeau's) diet?" The answer is yes, you can but it is not real HCG that you are taking. There is no such thing as Homeopathic (ORAL) real HCG - so if you are using it instead of REAL HCG on Dr. Simeons HCG Diet Protocol and are losing weight, it is because of the 500 calorie diet.

This means muscle is being lost, you are starving yourself, and will not enjoy permanent weight loss because your metabolic set point is not affected (you aren't taking HCG!) HCG is a HORMONE - So what is homeopathic HCG?

Homeopathy literally means taking a substance (in this case HCG) and diluting it over and over with water. This dilution continues until the final dilution contains none (zero) of the original substance. This means that homeopathic HCG has no HCG. Rather, HCG drops are just water (sometimes other things like vitamin B12 are added but this other stuff usually has no weight loss effect).

Anyone can lose weight on a 500 calorie per day diet, but without real HCG you are losing muscle and structural fat. You will end up in a yo-yo diet cycle as your body makes adjustments for the reduced caloric intake by slowing its metabolism. Your weight loss will be short-lived, and you will put the weight back on with a vengeance.

Look: The HCG Diet works, but it works FOR A REASON, which is the effect that HCG has on your hypothalamus and other regulatory glands and systems (that, frankly, isn't well understood). Anyone selling Homeopathic HCG is a snake-oil salesman and if you are losing weight, or have lost weight with it congratulations, but don't be surprised when you put all the weight back on. Using real, natural HCG has the effect of burning ABNORMAL FAT while on the very low calorie diet and RESETTING YOUR METABOLISM .

We do not believe that anyone should buy oral HCG pills or drops. There is no danger in taking them, but you should be aware of the other implications and results that can vary drastically from the injections. The reason is because the pills have to go through the entire digestive system to get to where they need to be. Up to 97% of the HCG can be killed by your digestive enzymes alone! That choice is up to you, but we strongly recommend that you consider taking HCG injections with insulin syringes/needles so small that you can barely feel them.

With the risk of getting a low percentage from the HCG pills you could end up having to take them for years, or the rest of your life. When you factor in that over 90% of the U.S. have Candida Yeast Overgrowth and do not know it, then your odds just got worse! That means you have less than a 10% chance that you will get a good result from a HCG pill.