Glutathione IV & Skin Whitening in Las Vegas

Glutathione is the master of all antioxidants, but did you know that glutathione is already produced by our body?  The problem is this: as we age our bodies produce less and less glutathione.  For that reason many people are starting to supplement with glutathione capsules and creams hoping to improve their glutathione levels, but our bodies have a hard time absorbing it.

The most effective way to increase your glutathione levels is with intravenous injections directly into the bloodstream.  Lately, many people seeking to lighten their skin tone have turned to IV Glutathione Therapy.

Glutathione for skin Lightening FAQs

1. How does glutathione lightenS skin?

Glutathione lightens our skin from the inside out.  Glutathione works in a very simple way, yet other skin whitening products can’t compete with the all-natural amino acid compound. Simply put, Glutathione works to clear the body of free radicals and toxins that can lead to serious skin problems like hyperpigmentation and melasma, as well as more common ones like sun spots.  The result is lighter, clearer skin complexion.

2. How many Glutathione treatments do I need?

It really depends. Ultimately, you are the one that knows just how light you want to be. We always recommend a minimum of 10 to 20 weekly glutathione sessions to start noticing a difference.  Darker skinned patients see results much faster. Other factors to consider are: Patients that smoke, consume excessive amounts of alcohol, and have a poor diet will require more IV sessions.

3. What happens when I achieve my desired skin tone?

A maintenance regimen is recommended by increasing the interval of the IV sessions from bi-weekly  to monthly and even quarterly sessions.  Sublingual Glutathione Tablets and oral supplements that will help increase Glutathione at cellular levels will also be recommended. 

4. Where does Vivacity clinic of las vegas gets glutathione from and is it safe?

Your safety is always our top priority.  We only work directly with compounding pharmacies that provide sterile compounding services to obtain our glutathione. Be very careful of brand name glutathione that comes from outside the USA as they may contain mercury.  Lately there have even been US brands that may claim to be effective, however we have not seen any of their safety and efficacy reports.  For this reason, VCLV only works with FDA regulated compounding pharmacies.

5. Is there discounts for maintenance glutathione iv sessions?

Yes there is! at VCLV, we want you to maintain your results, therefore making it as affordable as possible is also a priority.

Give us a call and we’ll explain the pricing structure.